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Khalistan (lit. “pure-land”) is the name given to the proposed nation-state encompassing the present Indian state of Punjab and all Punjabi-speaking areas around its borders. A movement for Khalistan was precipitated when the Indian Army attacked the Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple) in June 1984.

India Republic of Khalistan 5 Dollars c. 1980. Front shows Jagjit Singh Chuahan, President and founder of the movement and the coat of arms. Back shows the Golden Temple at Amritsar.
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Printed in Canada in Punjabi, English and French to raise fundsThe Khalistan movement was a political secessionit movement in the early 1980s which wanted to create a separate Sikh country, called the Republic of Khalistan  in the Punjab region of India.Currency for Khalistan was part of Surjan Singh Gill’s campaign from Vancouver to promote a Sikh homeland.
The Sikhs have sought independence from India since 1947, claiming territory from the Jamna River on the east to the border with Pakistan on the west.
To publicize their demand for independence, Dal Khalsa (Sikh Empire – named after the Sikh army that operated in 17th and 18th-century Punjab), a fringe movement of the Akali Dal, printed propaganda banknotes in 1980 for the Republic of Khalistan advocating the formation of an independent Sikh state in the Indian Punjab.

Akali Dal, a collection of disparate Sikh factions desiring more autonomy for Sikhs in India, does not generally support the separatist Khalistan movement. Dal Khalsa has active branches in the West.

Their constitution states in part that Dal Khalsa is a social-religious-political organization of the Sikh nation. The primary goal of the Dal Khalsa is the establishment of self-rule for Sikhs.

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